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Gorgeous Ribbon Grille

Here are some photos to show you the depth on this 3D decorative Ribbon grille. If you want your house to stand out, this is the right choice. With our resin vent covers, you are able to add a touch of elegance without breaking the bank.We have fantastic color choices, but getting the paint grade [...]

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Lovely home with Ribbon resin grilles!

Just breathtaking! So cozy and warm. Ribbon grilles make this a total dream living room.

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Just imagine...

Imagine if those vent covers were plain metal registers? That would ruin the room!  This homeowner knows design and you can bet they would only put the best of the best in their home. 

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Outdoor grilles!

Why not make your outdoors pretty too? You can change out your ugly foundation vents for one of our round or square grilles! They are coming soon to our online shop but for now, give us a call and we'll get an order going for you! This is the classic Heritage decorative design perched atop [...]

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Let's get to blogging with our Linear grille!!

So we've been around for years and have done some pretty amazing fun stuff. Unfortunately, we have not done much to share our experiences. Being it's the new year and all, why not start now? So let us begin with last week's favorite grilles! These are a combination of both phone orders and online orders...maybe one [...]

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Square in Silver

Since we started selling finished grilles, our silver has become so popular! This Square design is shown in a 12" x 10" grille. This is not a flat dull grille, it has lovely depth to it.

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Funky Silver Cosmo

This is the gorgeous Cosmo design with the faux silver finish. It's so fresh and so clean. This is a 16"x16" grille. The overall size is about 18"x18". The resin material we use ensures a beautiful rust free product for life!  

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