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LazyVent return air filter grille

So you have one of those funky dunky return air filter things from like 20 years ago...they are dusty and moldy and smelly! What to do? Option 1) You can take it off and throw it in the trash and get a new one, only to repeat the process in a few years.Option 2) You can [...]

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Shipments ready to go

We like to ship all our decorative grilles and decorative registers packaged up with as much safety as possible. We know how to box, cushion, label and seal our boxes to ensure your product gets to you in perfect condition. Our free UPS ground shipping will get your vent covers to you as quickly as [...]

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Rusty registers ?

Here are some rusty metal registers. It happens and it happens quite a lot.Q:  So why does this happen? A:  Excess humidity!  Humid settings can cause rust quite easily. When you are not running your A/C all the time, your home gets extra humid, but when you turn it back on, the registers along with your duct [...]

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More shop photos!

Heard a lot of feedback with requests on more shop photos. While we cannot exactly show you our manufacturer's trade secrets, we can show you the last phases of our production. Our resin material is exclusive in that it is heat and moisture resistant. Your vent covers will not rust like traditional vent grilles, they [...]

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Quality Assurance

Before we ship out our decorative grilles, registers and returns, we check each one individually. 

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A secret look behind the scenes

This is Nick! He loves coming to work super early, he'll even ask to come in on weekends because he LOVES creating things. His speciality is making custom vent covers and cabinet screens. He is a very creative and smart guy and can come up with solutions for anything. His genius mind is never restricted [...]

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Decorative vent cover - Ribbon. Before and after!

Yes! It's Saturday! We are all working..but it's okay because we LOVE our boss and would work even if we didn't get paid because it's so fun! Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but it is great to work here at Majestic Vent Covers! If you're ever in the Los Angeles area, you can come by and [...]

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A custom vent cover return solves an ugly issue!

A client had an issue with a return air filter grille. They needed to keep the plain metal framing from the original air return. We took the guts out and placed our decorative return in the metal framing to create this lovely masterpiece. It makes a world of difference! This is the Caspian decorative resin [...]

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Iron Ring Vent Cover Grille In Oil Rubbed Bronze. Before and After

Wowza! That looks awesome. Imagine if you switched the before and after around and had to go back to a regular vent cover? That would be a bummer. It's the details that make your house a home. 

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Caspian Resin Vent Cover Grille

The beauty of getting paint grade grilles is being able to match the color with your walls or mouldings/moldings (what is the correct spelling anyway?). Our grilles and registers come in an unfinsihed paint grade version allowing you to be the designer and with endless color options, that sounds like a lot of fun! 

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