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grilles, supply, cold air returns, registers, dampers, oh my!


With all the different words being thrown out we get a lot of calls asking for advice. "What do we use for a cold air return?" "Which product is good for a heat grate?" "My hvac contractor wants me to get a filter return, which one is that?" While we tried to simplify the choosing process by making separate categories, with so many different options, it can be hard to pick. We'll break it down in today's post.


Can we used for wall and ceiling as either a supply (flows air in to the room) return (sucks air in to the duct for distribution). Grilles come without a louver (or damper) and cannot be closed and are not directional.

Grille return or supply 


Used for supply (blows air in to the room). Register will come with an opposed blade damper (louver) which will allow you to open and close the air flow and decrease the volume of air. The damper is optional and is not necessary in all applications, you can easily mix and match grilles and registers. Getting a register is great if you have a duct opening above a bed or dining room table where air is constantly flowing and can be uncomfortable. register with damper

LazyVent Filter Grille

Filter changing can be a snap with the LazyVent filter grille. For quick access to your duct or filter, this is the grille to choose. The whole filter grille is surface mount and allows you to pull open the center part of the grille, it will detach from the frame completely for a quick filter change. Our LazyVent filter grille is held in place to the frame with super strong magnets so closing it back up, is done in a snap. 

LazyVent Filter Grille

Steel Grilles

Steel grilles are great for floor applications. They can be walked on and stepped on without issue. They can be used as either return or supply.

Steel floor supply

Hope this post made your life a little bit easier. If it didn't, we're always here to help. Give as a call and we can help you pick your return, supply, or filter grille!


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