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Flat frame vs decorative frame


Hi ya'll. For the purpose of this blog, let's show the 2 different framing options we offer on the LazyVent return filter grille.

The original decorative frame is more elaborate. It adds more depth and detail surrounding the design. The decorative frame has a profile of about 1/2". Let's take a look at some examples of the decorative frame LazyVent filter grilles: 

The flat frame option offers a clean flush look. Its profile is also about 1/2" but it is smooth with the design. It's great for a more contemporary minimalist look. Here are some example of the flat frame LazyVent filter grilles:

As always, if you have any questions call us 9am-5am PST at 888-797-3808 or email sales@majesticventcovers.com

Thanks and have a great day!

More shop photos!

Heard a lot of feedback with requests on more shop photos. While we cannot exactly show you our manufacturer's trade secrets, we can show you the last phases of our production. Our resin material is exclusive in that it is heat and moisture resistant. Your vent covers will not rust like traditional vent grilles, they [...]

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A custom vent cover return solves an ugly issue!

A client had an issue with a return air filter grille. They needed to keep the plain metal framing from the original air return. We took the guts out and placed our decorative return in the metal framing to create this lovely masterpiece. It makes a world of difference! This is the Caspian decorative resin [...]

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Caspian Resin Vent Cover Grille

The beauty of getting paint grade grilles is being able to match the color with your walls or mouldings/moldings (what is the correct spelling anyway?). Our grilles and registers come in an unfinsihed paint grade version allowing you to be the designer and with endless color options, that sounds like a lot of fun! 

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