• Flat frame vs decorative frame

    30th Jan 2019

    Flat frame vs decorative frame

    Hi ya'll. For the purpose of this blog, let's show the 2 different framing options we offer on the LazyVent return filter grille.The original decorative frame is more elaborate. It adds more depth and…

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  • 8th Feb 2016

    More shop photos!

    Heard a lot of feedback with requests on more shop photos. While we cannot exactly show you our manufacturer's trade secrets, we can show you the last phases of our production. Our resin material is e…

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  • Caspian Resin Vent Cover Grille

    27th Jan 2016

    Caspian Resin Vent Cover Grille

    The beauty of getting paint grade grilles is being able to match the color with your walls or mouldings/moldings (what is the correct spelling anyway?). Our grilles and registers come in an unfinsihed…

    Published by Sandy

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